Damian Nowak is a CEO at Virtkick. He's a Ruby coder, an Arch Linux hacker, and drinks good beer.


I am a remote worker. Thanks to that I enjoy some unique freedoms:

  • see my wife and three kids all the time
  • listen to music from the real speakers
  • 72°F and ceiling fan always on without others complaining
  • three 1920x1080 screens without others asking why (I miss my 1920x1200 screens from Poland!)
  • only one powerful desktop computer to rule it all

Thanks to all of these I'm more productive or just feel better. :)


Most of my computers are powered by Arch Linux: desktop, old laptop and Raspberry Pi. I switched from Ubuntu because it wasn't hackable enough. Full control of my system is what I need.

I prefer being on the bleeding edge - thanks to me and other Archers Ubuntu users get well-tested drivers. ;-) These are bugs in open source drivers I reported.

I maintain several packages in Arch Linux User Repository (AUR).

That all being said, I confess I also have a MacBook Pro with MacOS. My previous laptop died and I had a company MBP at hand. I tried installing Arch Linux there but I encountered some hardware issues. :(


When I'm up for some gaming, I'll probably play a singleplayer or multiplayer FPS. Singleplayer shooters I liked are BioShock, Half-Life, Call of Duty and Portal just to name a few. When I'm in the mood for playing with real people and I almost exclusively go for Battlefield 4 but Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is an option too.

The game franchise I love most is Fallout. I spent 180 hours playing Fallout New Vegas and I don't regret a single minute. I fell in love with country and bluegrass music due to Mojave Wasteland Radio and listen to Ranch Breakfast Show on Wyoming Public Radio every Saturday morning.

I also like simulators - from a realistic Spintires, through Euro / American Truck Driver, to arcades like Ace Combat Assault Horizon or Need for Speed. Used to play Live for Speed a bit when I had a racing wheel.

This is my Steam profile and this is a list of all games I played. And this is my Origin profile and my Battlefield 4 soldier.